Do you have a partner who finishes your sentences? Lanny, Josh, Adam, and Eleanor have been doing that with each other for years. We love working with each other, and our bond and enthusiasm carry over to our client work.

Though we are also veterans of the Hill, presidential and congressional campaigns, start-ups, and the news media, our practice’s deepest roots are in the Clinton White House, where Lanny and Adam worked together managing the crisis, media, and political aspects of investigations.

After leaving the White House, our team founded the first legal crisis management practice of its kind, bringing law, media, politics, and policy under one roof, and we built it at two major law firms.  At the time, Eleanor was at CNN’s Larry King Live booking guests and working with sources on a daily basis to produce segments for the show, often working with those high-profile CEO’s and companies that Adam, Josh, and Lanny were representing.

We founded Trident DMG as a full-service, public relations firm to put to use our decades of experience working with media, sources, and other stakeholders, in the private sector and in politics, to support our clients.

Today, our work reflects our more than 20 years of experience as a team, earning media attention that singularly defines our clients and fixing client problems quickly so they can get on with their businesses and lives. With our origins in scandal management, we personify the axiom that out of crisis comes opportunity.