Our team includes Harvard- and Yale-trained lawyers with long and deep experience leveraging public relations to battle investigators and support legal objectives in court. A true litigation PR firm, we work closely with the client’s litigation team, creating and executing communications and political strategies in support of prosecuting or defending against civil and criminal cases and congressional, regulatory, state attorney general, law enforcement, and media investigations.

During litigation and public investigations, it’s critical to proactively define the issues and who you are so that your adversaries do not. It’s critical to correct distortions in the public record and to work hard to obtain accurate coverage. And, it’s often helpful to bring the fight to your adversaries rather than defensively absorb blows.

Our litigation communications experience and expertise are vast, encompassing securities matters and disputes involving intellectual property, product liability, consumer protection, privacy and cybersecurity, healthcare, accounting and auditing standards, entertainment, hospitality, antitrust law, immigration, and Indian law.

We are known for mastering both the legal issues involved and the facts in dispute, and then executing creative public relations and political strategies that truly impact the dispute at hand. Lean into PR during litigation – don’t fight in court with one hand tied behind your back.