Crisis Management: Revisiting Rolling Stone’s Failures

It’s been three years since Rolling Stone published its infamous and defamatory report about rape allegations at the University of Virginia, but it’s important to revisit the most piercing analysis of what the magazine did wrong. Rolling Stone’s investigation: ‘a failure that was avoidable,’ a report co-authored by the dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, is still worth reading because it has crisis communications lessons for every potential target of investigative journalism. Indeed, it’s a tool you can now use with reporters, should you need it.Read More

Tech PR: No-Fear Crisis Communications

For startup and high-growth companies, learning that a reporter is sniffing around and asking hard questions can be bone-chilling. Perhaps you have heard from investors that a reporter has called. Perhaps the reporter messaged employees on LinkedIn. Typically, the client instinct in these instances is to go fetal and speculate about worst-case scenarios. We’ve seen this time and again, and it is almost always the wrong crisis management approach. Here’s the right one: call the reporter.

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